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What characterises a Dornbracht product? What makes the difference? It is the interaction of five characteristics: proportion, precision, progressiveness, personality and performance.

This is how Dornbracht create fittings such as TARA, MEM, CL.1 or LISSÉ. Designs from Sieger Design, a partner that has been influencing Dornbracht design language for over three decades.


Sharpen your senses. Dynamic, elegant, progressive, sporty. A fitting design that is like jumping into a new age.

CL.1 is characterised by a delicate design language – a design which consistently combines hard and soft contours and reaches elegantly upwards. The characteristic feature of CL.1 is the conical spout which stretches upwards and the precise gap between the base and the fitting body.


Accentuate your bathroom

What makes a special bathroom so special? The stylish use of shapes and proportions. Clear lines. And the feelings you experience when aesthetics meet performance.

In this spirit, LISSÉ sets accents in every bathroom. A fitting with a strong personality that embodies everything you expect from Dornbracht.