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Dornbracht Sensory Sky

Dornbracht Sensory Sky

With the Dornbracht Sensory Sky luxury shower, you experience showering in new dimensions and with all your senses. Water, light and fragrances are combined with one another by the latest technology and minimalist, timeless design. This interaction brings wellness at a luxury level.

Dornbracht SENSORY SKY ATT is now available at Versatile Bathrooms + Tiles award winning showroom. Just like being in the open air. SENSORY SKY ATT turns showering into a unique experience that awakens all your senses. Different types of rain, mist, light and fragrances complement each other in complex choreographies which are inspired by weather phenomena and the moods of nature. Control is simple and convenient thanks to the digital SMART TOOLS from Dornbracht.

SENSORY SKY ATT provides a selection of three pre-programmed choreographies: READJUST sharpens the senses – with mist, warm rain and a pleasantly soft dry forest floor fragrance. RELEASE is as cleansing and liberating as intensive summer rain – accompanied by a fresh tropical-like fragrance. REJOICE protects, envelops and stabilises. Water drops sparkle in all the colours of the rainbow. In the air is a poetic, stimulating fragrance.

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Visit our award-winning showroom in Navan, Co Meath to check out the working display model of the SENSORY SKY ATT.