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Dornbracht Aquamoon

Dornbracht Aquamoon – a multi-sensory water experience.

Dornbracht Aquamoon represents a new dimension of a highly-individual shower experience. The spa application embodies the next level in the Dornbracht LifeSpa, exclusively available at Versatile, and permits a unique encounter with the element of water. Aquamoon offers four newly-developed flow modes and fascinating lighting scenarios, which combine to form an emotional water experience capable of boosting a new level of joy or joie de vivre.

Minimalist shower design

Dornbracht Aquamoon is distinguished by its particularly minimalist design, attributing focus to the unique water experience. A dome in the ceiling forms the central element which is seamlessly integrated in its surroundings and practically merges invisibly with the bathroom or spa interior.

Four flow modes: for every mood

  1. Queens Collar is a semi-circular cascade of water, reminiscent of a waterfall as a natural experience. The flow mode massages the head, shoulder and spinal area, helping to soothe and relax or invigorate and refresh – depending on the water pressure and temperature.
  2. Embrace envelopes the body in water – but the head stays dry. This gives rise to a high-intensity experience of security, during which you can forget your everyday routines and just concentrate on breathing and focusing on self-care.
  3. The effect of Aqua Circle is regulated by the volume of water. Like a gentle funnel, the water falls from the dome. The more water, the smaller the funnel effect, thus giving rise to a powerful and bundled flow which is ideal for washing skin and hair.
  4. Tempest flow mode introduces the natural experience of a tempestuous rain shower to the bathroom, with its large and particularly soft droplets that fall seemingly effortlessly.

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