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Our all-round service for hotel bathrooms and spas

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Our all-round service for hotel bathrooms & Spas


The Dornbracht Group demands the highest standards of the designs, materials and surface finishes of all its products. Measures taken to ensure this include thorough, manual quality inspections after each production stage, functionality testing for every article that carries water and measurements to ensure the quality of the surface finish in all hotel bathrooms.


As far as Dornbracht is concerned, a responsible approach to natural raw materials, especially the resource of water, is one of the most important aspects of sustainable behaviour. Added to this are the use of materials that can be recycled, and product durability.

Lead-free: with Dornbracht basin and kitchen fittings, there is no possibility of additional lead getting into drinking water.

User safety

As a leading manufacturer in the premium segment, we represent ultimate reliability and value. This also includes those aspects of user safety that are seemingly taken for granted, such as the ability to set and adjust temperatures, or not having any sharp edges in the product design.


The character of Dornbracht fittings is quite clear. Succinct in form, their proportion and precision give an overall impression of progressiveness. These sustainable aesthetics guarantee that the products will retain their value for a long time.

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