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Restoration & Conservation

Restoration & Conservation

Versatile aims for a high level of authenticity, accurately replicating historic materials and techniques as much as possible.
Ideally using modern techniques, in a concealed manner, Versatile do not compromise the historic character of the structure’s appearance.

In the field of historic preservation and conservation Versatile have a lot of experience.Authentic historic building preservation aims for a high level of accuracy, replicating historic materials and techniques as much as possible. However, the bathrooms did not come into play until the Victorian period and bathroom suites were readily available by the Edwardian times. There are two ways to approach a period bathroom installation.

Period style reproduction

If your house, hotel or church is Georgian, Victorian, or Edwardian, you can choose to take the route of trying to replicate a period bathroom as closely as possible to the architectural style of your project. To help you achieve this Versatile can supply you with a wide range of period sanitary ware and bathroom furniture such as the Drummonds range.

Versatile are the sole agents for Dummonds period cast iron bathtubs. All Drummonds’ baths are made from solid cast iron using the time-honored sand casting technique first used by the finest Victorian foundries. The designer also has the option of choosing the colour they want for their clients dream bathroom. We also have a huge range of period tiles in our showroom to compliment the period bathroom style of your choice

Contemporary bathroom design in a traditional setting.

Although many projects make every effort to restore a period house true to its style and conserve as many features as possible, sometimes it is not aesthetically correct to put in a traditional style bathroom. Indeed, in many cases it creates a “wow “factor to install a modern bathroom within a period setting. Our in house interior architects can help you choose the very latest style and modern appliances to compliment your period building.

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