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Commercial Basins

Versatile supports commercial projects such as hotels across Ireland with commercial basins crafted from hard-wearing materials like Alape glazed titanium steel sinks in a range of freestanding pedestals, above counter and bespoke options.

Glazed steel in the bathroom.

So what is glazed steel?!

  • A composite material made of a steel body that is both robust and light at the same time, plus a high quality, homogenous glass surface
  • Thin layer technology: three coats/three fires – max. 0.3mm
  • At 830°C, the glaze that has been applied melts and becomes Glazed Steel
  • What is impressive about products made of Glazed Steel is the precision in terms of their surfaces, edges, cut-out sections and basic geometric form

Features & Benefits of Glazed Steel:

  • Impact and scratch resistant (due to thin layer technology)
  • Colourfast, long-lasting surfaces
  • Totally hygienic with anti-bacterial properties
  • Can be individually altered for special designs (e.g. shape, position of fittings, lotion dispensers, dimensions)
  • Optimum noise reduction thanks to a top quality soundproofing system (sound pads)
  • Lightweight, can therefore go by parcel delivery
  • Product is 100% recyclable
  • Acid and heat resistant
  • Available in a range of colours

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